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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Athens Newspaper Headlines

The Saturday edition of Athens ' newspapers at a glance

Preparations for local government elections, the economy, the course of state revenues and rumours of new revenue-raising measures dominated the headlines on Saturday in Athens ' newspapers.
ADESMEFTOS TYPOS: "A vote for PASOK means strangulation, closures, taxes, unemployment!... [main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras] launches stinging attack on government".

APOGEVMATINI: "Our young people are leaving". [articles on tide of emigraiton among under-35s]

AVGHI: "[Upcoming elections a] Cohesion test for parties in Attica".

AVRIANI: "'[Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) party leader George Karatzaferis] a crutch for PASOK'. Harsh attack from ND Parliamentary spokesman Costas Tzavaras on LAOS president "

ELEFTHEROS: "Papandreou will drive us all insane. He is proud of his achievements as the troika's prime minister".

ELEFTHEROS TYPOS: "Semi-enclosed outdoor spaces. I won't pay, I won't pay...". [article claims that measures to persuade owners to declare illegally enclosed building features are a spectacular failure].

ELEFTHEROTYPIA: "Lump sum? Come back in five years. Mass of retirements has emptied public-sector pension funds".

ESTIA: "Massive damage due to inertia. Unjustifiable delay in taking decisions".

ETHNOS: "Six changes to the system for university student transfers".

KATHIMERINI: "Progress of state revenues on a tightrope".

LOGOS: "We have done the groundwork... now is the time for great changes". [article on PM's assessment of his government's work during its 11 months in power].

NIKI: "Which receipts count twice for tax purposes. Additional incentives to stamp out tax evasion".

RIZOSPASTIS: "To the governmental bandit attack, people's organisation-counterattack to cancel the policy against the people".

TA NEA: "Dirty nets! The financial crimes squad in the soccer circuits. Well-known manager had not declared 26 million euros".

VRADYNI: "The great fear. Ruling party cadres quake at the rage of citizens".

VIMA: "One in three public-sector jobs to be abolished".


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