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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why quit tobacco and how?

  • When you quit tobacco, you will regain taste and smell within a few days.
  • When you quit tobacco, your breathing will return to being more regular and natural.
  • When you quit tobacco, you will regain a steadier rhythm of life, you will sleep more soundly and thus feel more relaxed.
  • When you quit tobacco, you will regain peace of mind and your taste for life: the stress, anxiety and irritability that are provoked by giving up cigarettes will rapidly fade away (therapeutic methods can help), and the related advantages will quickly take the upper hand.
  • When you quit tobacco, you will spend less money, and even save some.
  • “Putting aside” the money that was initially spent on tobacco to save up for a project you have your heart set on is a good motivation.
  • The weight gain observed whilst weaning stabilizes on average within three months.
  • When you quit smoking, your skin and hair will regain a healthier appearance, as well as your fingers, teeth and breath, which no longer show the effects of your smoking habit.
  • When you quit smoking, you will regain your place in society: the increasing predominence of smoke-free public spaces allows you to live a healthy and normal life avoiding permanent tobacco temptation.
  • No matter whether you are a regular, occasional, younger or older smoker, it is always the right time to quit smoking, even if you have to try several times.
  • Numerous effective methods exist today. Medical or associative help can be considered, before or after you decide.
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