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Friday, October 15, 2010

Carpe Diem graffiti artists in pioneer public mural project with City of Athens

photo prosopsi.gr
   "Imagine a city where waiting at a bus stop is not boring..."
   This is the theme of a pilot public art, or graffiti, program for aesthetic intervention on buildings in Athens.
   "Public Mural Art - Revamping of Psyrri" is a pilot project of the City of Athens and the Carpe Diem association.

   Carpe Diem, Greece's first "graffiti crew", made its appearance in 1991, and in 2002 became a legally recognised association. Comprised of artists, the group's aim is to promote murals as a form of public art to aesthetically upgrade the dull monotony of public buildings, in projects carried out in close cooperation with municipal authorities and communities.
   Carpe Diem has carried out mural projects at school buildings in a number of municipalities throughout the country, took part in the International Mural Exhibition held throughout August at the Dafen Museum of Art in Shenzhen, China, and is currently involved in a pioneering collaboration with the City of Athens. The pilot program, titled Prosopsi (Facade) initially involved the painting of murals on three buildings in Psyrri, Athens, with the approval of the building owners, and has recently been extended to the entire city with the project "Carpe Diem Public Murals - Prosopsi".
   Another ongoing project, in collaboration with the Secretariat General for Youth, involves the painting of murals on school buildings throughout the country in the city of Larissa and on the island of Ikaria, with the participation of the local municipal authorities and permission of the school boards.

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