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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Marathon of History and Culture at Zappeion Megaro on 29.10 at 19:30

Is it a myth or a true fact that the ancient soldier run from Marathon to Athens, exclaimed “We won” and died after the end of the Marathon Battle?

The answer to this historic mystery will be revealed on 29 October 2010 in front of the Zappeion Megaro, where time will go back to 490BC and we may see what really happened after the Marathon battle and why the legend of this ancient soldier lasted through all eras, keeping its inspirational character.

The occasion for this journey through time, myth and History is no other than the 2010 Athens Classic Marathon which celebrates its 28 years, along with the celebration of the 2,500 years anniversary from the Marathon Battle.

SEGAS, in order to welcome 12,500 Marathon runners and a total of 21,000 runners participating in all road races of the event – the largest number of participants ever – as well as their friends and family members and all those that will be cheering and encouraging the runners during the race, organizes a celebration event, highlighting the cultural aspect of this institution apart from its sport one.

A continuous, alternating passage between past and present, between video and theatre, between myth and reality, promises to the spectators an interesting journey through time. A journey that begins 2,500 years ago, when the Persians approach Attica in the most darkly way and it reaches the Greek victory when Miltiadis sends out the ancient soldier in order to carry the victorious message to the city of Athens.

However, the Marathon runner of the Battle will not run towards Athens but he will enter the tunnel of time in order to meet great Marathon athletes as well as simple runners having participated in other major Marathon events such Boston, New York, Berlin, and to arrive into nowadays in a surprising way, appearing himself in front of the eyes of the spectators carrying the message of hope and culture.

The art director of this celebration event, Mr Nikos Gkesoulis, stresses its position: “The main aim of this specific play is to show the superhuman effort of the ancient Marathon runner who has inspired thousands of people all around the world and in all ages, while at the same time the Marathon event itself became a huge sport and cultural event connected with social fights, as the one of Grigoris Lamparkis for Peace.”

This celebration event is directed by Vassilis Ntouros. The role of the ancient soldier is played by Leonidas Argyropoulos, who also has the leading role during the Marathon Flame Lighting Ceremony that takes place yearly at the sacred site of the Marathon Tomb the day before the Athens Classic Marathon.

The main performance is followed by awards to significant Marathon athletes from Greece and abroad, and it will be concluded with a concert by the popular orchestra “Mikis Theodorakis”.

The event is organized by the Hellenic Athletics Federation with the cooperation of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the sponsorship of OPAP

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