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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


he event : the art.estate Christmas photo bazaar !

The exhibition: photos everywhere, photos from everyone, photos for everyone ! ( in here lies the –really– low prices subliminal message)

Your task : Simple! Send art.estate via email a photo that you took and feel that it’s awesome. We print it , frame it and display the 100 best in the exhibition ! The exhibition will last all Christmas , opening Friday December the 17th and ending in January 8th.

1 Euro for each 10 Euros of income in this bazaar will go to the Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece (http://www.trag.gr/) . The people of TRAG have put a tremendous effort in promoting a very special way of aiding people with disabilities. Let’s help them!

Send your photos through email at photos@artestate.gr, join the effort, see you in the opening night!!

George Rigopoulos

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