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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


  Europe is a place filled with opportunities! All you need is access to precise and reliable information. The General Secretariat for Youth supports youth information at European level and has been providing access for young people to all EURODESK European Network services since 2004. EURODESK is composed of 900 information relays to be traced all over Europe and 50 Youth Information Centers in Greece.
This network provides youths with free and instant access to a wide range of information services custom designed to fit the needs of young people and of those who work with them, on numerous fields: Education – Studies – Training – Mobility – Volunteerism – Seminars – Youths Exchange – Events – Search for funding opportunities and much more.
Within this context and to this end, EURODESK offers three specifically designed network communication tools:
• “Ask a question” All you have to do is mail eurodesk@neagenia.gr, and access one of the services offered by the General Secretariat for Youth website:
Especially trained members of the Eurodesk Network will analyze your enquery, help you find the exact answer and then guide you to the next step.
• The European Youth Portal  (www.europa.eu/youth) is a site committed to the needs of young people, offering access to more than 12.000 websites in all the official EU languages. This site gives access to information on European Union structures and activities regarding youth issues as well as information on youth issues at national level in each member state individually. Young people are invited to participate in discussion forums, seek information about various activities or opportunities for studying, working and traveling and ask questions and get information on various European issues, in their native language!
• The Eurodesk database for European Programmes (http://www.eurodesk.eu/) includes all youth relevant programs and covers every single field of their interest.


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