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Monday, March 28, 2011

Spyros Vassileiou and the theater

The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the most important moments in artist’s Spyros Vassileiou’s long career in theatre (from 1929 to 1982), one of the most popular artists of the Thirties Generation.
The exhibition will also draw attention to the contribution he made to formulating the post-war aesthetic in set design. The exhibition includes select sculptural and painted set designs,
 costumes and photographic material, introductory texts, texts by the artist, posters and theatrical programmes, using this manner to correlate the artist’s set design oeuvre with the cultural (both in theatre and the visual arts), ideological and economic goals of Greece in the thirties, forties, fifties and sixties, as well as how his painting and set designs influenced each other.

Duration23/03/2011 - 15/05/2011

PlaceAthens, Greece
Benaki Museum
Pireos Street Annexe

OrganizationBenaki Museum with the collaboration of the "Spyros' Vasiliou Atelier"

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