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Friday, April 22, 2011

Exhibition “Myth and Coinage”.

15 April- 27 November 2011
A joint exhibition
in the Athens Numismatic Museum  and the National Archaeological Museum
in co-operation with the Αlpha Bank

The Athens Numismatic Museum in co-operation with the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection and the National Archaeological Museum organises a joint exhibition entitled “Myth and Coinage”.
The exhibition will be structured in two parts presented in the National Archaeological Museum and the Athens Numismatic Museum and will last from the mid-April to the end of November 2011.
The sections displayed in the National Archaeological Museum will refer to the depiction of myths on coinage while those in the Athens Numismatic Museum, to the use of myths.
The display of the exhibition presented in the Athens Numismatic Museum under the full title “Myth and Coinage.
The use of myth” will be organised in the Iliou Melathron, in the temporary exhibition hall. Its aim is to approach themes such as nature myths, foundation myths of cities, patron deities, local myths and their variations, myths on royal origins and the identification of rulers with gods and heroes as well as ancient myths in Modern Europe and Greece as these have been used on coins, modern medals and banknotes. Greek myths are associated with the interpretation of nature and the origins of humans and they explain, strengthen and preserve the memory of significant events.
This tradition has been a source of inspiration in art and has functioned as a solid basis for the existence of city-states and the support of the power of monarchs.
Coins, as objects in direct connection with state authorities, are a convenient means of use and promotion of myths in the context of expressing the official ideology.
Mythological figures and images, associated with the issuing authority, are often depicted on them. Mythological iconographic themes were revived in modern times either to publicise an illustrious past or to describe current events wrapped in the aura of myth.
One hundred and thirty-five coins, twenty-two medals and fifteen banknotes from the Numismatic Museum collections will be on display.
Moreover, on temporary loan, ancient Greek coins from the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, fourteen works-of-art from the National Archaeological Museum collections and two paintings from the National Gallery, will be also presented.
Coordination: Despoina Evgenidou.
Exhibition concept: Despoina Evgenidou, Panagiotis Tselekas, Stamatoula Makrypodi.
Conservation: Niki Katsikosta, Elena Kontou.
Exhibition design: Vellisarios Voutsas.

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