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Saturday, May 7, 2011

European Nights of Museums 2011: Atopic Bodies [FIVE]: The Monsters’ Ball

Atopic Bodies is an ATOPOS CVC evolving project in the form of a performance, which investigates the eccentric and unclassifiable nature of the human body in contemporary visual culture. Through collaborations with designers and artists from various fields Atopic Bοdies present new, edgy and controversial Characters, in each instance mixing contemporary visual and dress codes of communication.
In Atopic Bodies [FIVE]: For The Monsters’ Ball, a performance specially designed for the European Museum Night 2011, ATOPOS CVC is collaborating with artists and fashion designers including Charlie Le Mindu, Pandemonia, Alexis Themistocleous and Hideki Seo and is inviting its latest "monstrosities". Watching The Monsters’ Ball you will become participants in an innovative and cutting edge fashion show, combined with a live performance of monster Characters and the ambient improvisations of Κεφάλαιο 24/Chapter 24.

PlaceAthens, Greece
Benaki Museum
Pireos Street Annexe
OrganizationBenaki Museum, ATOPOS CVC

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