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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Artists in a dialogue with the Benaki Museum (Andy Holden. The Cookham Erratics)

The programme Artists in a Dialogue with a Museum is a collaboration between the Benaki Museum and the British Council, whose aim is an encounter between four artists from Greece, Cyprus and the United Kingdom.
By inviting artists to create original works in a dialogue with the Benaki Museum, its collections and spaces, the purpose of the programme is to put down the foundations for a process of understanding issues that concern memory, identity and public space.
Four installations/interventions by the invited artists will be presented sequentially from September 2011 to May 2013 at the Piraios Street Annexe and the halls of the permanent collections at the Benaki Museum Main Building. These works will set out issues, which concern the role of the Museum in the representation of history, knowledge and traditions; as well as the usual conditions under which one views a work of art; and the relationship between artistic output and the institutional framework that exists for its arrival.
The work The Cookham Erratics British artist Andy Holden will create for the Main Building of the Benaki Museum, for the series In a dialogue with the Benaki Museum, will continue to investigate issues which he started to look into for his exhibition at the Tate Britain in 2010. There he presented an embroidered and enlarged copy of a stone fragment, which he had taken from the Pyramid of Giza when he was a child. His new piece, which will be in a dialogue with the Ancient Greek and Roman exhibits in the Museum’s permanent collection, is presented as a personal archaeology, which combines manual labour, unpublished history and climate change, in order to investigate the links between private memories, monuments and the difficulty of creating an object that represents an overall temporal experience.

Benaki Museum Main Building

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