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Monday, October 24, 2011

Nikos Houliaras : The Back Rooms of the Mind

A Nikos Houliaras retrospective, which gathers together for the first time all aspects of his oeuvre, with an emphasis on his visual arts output.
Nikos Houliaras was born in Ioannina in 1940. His use of an intensely personal expressionist style renders his painting deeply internal introverted, but his renown and reputation has spread worldwide.
However, Nikos Houliara’s career doesn’t only concern his visual arts creations. He is also one of the major poets and literary authors in the modern history of Greece, and his literary works have been translated into other languages.
Furthermore, he is one of the foremost lyricists and composers of the past few decades, as well as an interpreter of most of his songs.

He has also designed a large number of publications and has twice been won awards at the Leipzig International Book Fair for best book design from all over the world. Exhibition Curator: Elizabeth Plessa

Duration16/11/2011 - 15/01/2012
Benaki Museum   Pireos Street Annexe

OrganizationBenaki Museum

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