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Thursday, November 10, 2011

29th Athens Classic Marathon

Athens Classic Marathon will be held on the 13th of November for the 29th consecutive time.

This year’s Marathon is dedicated once more to the memory of the great scientist and politician Gregory Lambrakis, a symbol of democracy and social justice. Lambrakis was actively involved in the Pacifist Movement of his time, which organised in 1963 the First Pacifist Rally from Marathon to Athens.
The Marathon, one of the most popular sports among sport lovers, is a unique running-event of great historical importance.
The marathon race has its roots in this great battle that influenced significantly Greek and world history alike, the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC.
The Marathon idea was inspired by the legend of Pheidippides, a professional runner-soldier; the legend states that he delivered the message of the Greek victory over the Persians.
The French Sorbonne Professor Michel Bréal, invoking the legend of Pheidippides, suggested the inclusion of a long-distance race of 40 km (equivalent to the distance “Athens-Marathon”) in the first Olympic Games that took place in Athens in 1896; as an intervention of fate, the first Marathon winner was the Greek water-carrier Spyros Louis.

The start point of the 42 km race-course is the Marathon Start Venue in the city of Marathónas, and its finishing point the Panathenaic Stadium; over a thousand Greek and foreign runners, retracing the steps of Pheidippides himself, will follow the classic marathon route invoking the memory of a great victory that determined Greek and world destiny alike. A victory that has come to represent over the centuries a powerful symbol of uneven battle; the thirst for freedom against despotism; justice against injustice; civilisation and democracy against barbarianism; the battle of spiritual values against materialism.

13/11/2011 - 13/11/2011

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