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Friday, December 2, 2011

14th Olympia Festival and the 11th Camera Zizanio

The 14th Olympia Festival and the 11th Camera Zizanio are here!
 The 14th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People will be held at the city of Pyrgos from December 2 to December 10, 2011, while other special programs will be held in Ancient Olympia, other cities of the Ilia Prefecture.
2. Feature Films, Documentaries and Animation also Short-Length Films are accepted (film gauge 35mm, 16mm or S16mm).
3. Each Entry Form should be filled-in and signed by both the producer and the director.
A DVD with complete film dialogues in English or French translation should be submitted along with the Entry Form.
Entry Form and DVD should reach the Festival offices by October 2nd 2011 at the latest.
The Festival Committee wishes to keep the videocassettes of films submitted for its archives and invites film-representatives to grant their permission on the Entry Forms. If this permission is not granted, the videocassettes will be returned after viewing.
4. The film prints of the selected films should reach the Festival
offices by November 16th 2011 at the latest along with film dialogues in English.
5. The Jury of the Festival consisting of five Members, awards the following Prizes:
  • •Best Feature Film
  • •Best Feature Film Direction
  • •Best Screenplay
  • •Best Child Actor in a Feature Film
  • •Best Child Actress in a Feature Film
  • •Best Short  Fiction Film
  • •Best Short Animation Film
The Jury may also award other distinction-prizes for special artistic film qualities. The Children’s Jury will award prizes also.
6. The Festival will cover transportation and insurance costs for the period starting from dispatch, through viewing and up to return of the films.
In case of loss or damage, the Festival is responsible only for the value of the film copy.
7. Film excerpts submitted for television broadcasting must not exceed three minutes.
8. Request to participate in the Festival implies acceptance of these Regulations. The Artistic Director of the Festival will determine on any misinterpretation concerning the present Regulations

Feature Films
  • The bad intentions, Rosario Garcia-Montero, Peru- Argentina- Germany, fiction, 107΄, 2011
  • Zohra, Barney Platts- Mills, UK-Morocco, fiction, 85΄, 2011
  • The Sound of My Foot, Mehrdad Khoshbakht, Iran, fiction, 82΄, 2011
  • On the Sly, Olivier Ringer, Belgium-France, 77΄, 2010
  • Playing with Dolls, Georgy Negashev, Russia, fiction, 90΄, 2010
  • Run Sister Run!, Marja Pyykkö, Finland, fiction, 110΄, 2010
  • Tomorrow Will Be Better, Dorota Kędzierzawska, Poland-Japan, fiction, 118΄, 2010
  • Lost in Africa, Vibeke Muasya, Denmark, fiction, 92΄, 2010
  • Vespa, Diana Groo,  Hungary, fiction, 85΄, 2010
  • The Thin Match Man, Marco Chiarini, Italy, fiction, 81΄, 2009
Sort Fiction
  • http://, Bartosz Kruhlik, Poland, fiction, 12΄, 2010
  • Jensen lives here, Martin Strange-Hansen, Denmark, fiction, 29΄, 2010
  • Kaveri, Shilpa Munikempanna, India, fiction, 19΄, 2011
  • Kiyumi’ s poetry and Sayuru’ s embroidery, Satoru Sugita, Japan, fiction, 30΄, 2010
  • Lighthearted boy, Marco Gianfreda,  Italy, fiction, 15΄, 2011
  • Mokhtar, Halima Ouardiri, Canada – Morocco, fiction, 16΄, 2010
  • Mrs Peppercorn’s Magical Reading Room, Mike Le Han, United Kingdom, fiction, 24΄, 2011
  • The son, Dimitris Nakos, Greece, fiction, 6΄, 2010
  • Dad, Lenin and Freddy, Irene Dragasaki, Greece, fiction, 20’, 2011
Sort Animation
  • The Storyteller, Nandita Jain, United Kingdom, animation,  10΄, 2011
  • The Story of Little Paolo, Nicolas Liguori, France- Belgium, animation, 22΄, 2011
  • Marie, Jutta Schünemann ,Germany, animation,  11΄, 2010
  • Something left, Something taken, Max Porter & Ru Kuwahata, USA, animation, 10΄, 2010
  • Birdboy, Alberto Vázquez-Pedro Rivero, Spain, animation,  12΄, 2010
  • The Farmer and the Robot, Abdollah Alimorad, Iran, 22΄, 2011
  • Fugue, Vincent Bierrewaerts, France- Belgium, animation, 11΄, 2011
  • Mobile, Verena Fels, Germany, animation, 6΄30΄΄, 2010
  • Coast Warning, Aleksandra Shadrina, Russia, animation, 7΄45΄΄, 2011
  • Koyaa- The Extraordinary, Kolja Saksida, Slovenia, animation 3΄, 2011
  • The Sparrow Who Kept His Word, Dmitry Geller, Russia, animation, 6΄ 40΄΄, 2010
  • A letter – a story: The Goggle-eyed Jack (6’ 52’’) & The Beautiful Clock
  • (6’ 49’’), Aristarchos Papadaniel, Sophia Mandouvalou, Greece , animation, 2011
  • Seven days in the woods, Martin Strange-Hansen, Sweden, animation, 6’, 2010.
  • Kids & Docs
•7 or why I exist,  Hans-Helmut Grotjahn- Antje Starost, Germany, 87’, 2010
  • Pit No8, Marianna Kaat, Εstonia- Ukraine, 95’, 2010
  • If not us, who?, Nikoletta Papathanasiou, Greece, 68’, 2011
  • Dreams in another language, Lucia Rikaki, Greece, 68’, 2010
  • Kisses to the children, Vassilis Loules, Greece, 94’, 2011
  • Sistema Revolution, Greg Hemmings, Canada, 52’, 2011
  • I’m never afraid, Willem Baptist, Netherlands, 20’, 2010
  • The boy from Breslav, Rafi Tzukran-Dana Ha’Cohen, Israel, 24’, 2010
  • The lighthouse, Maria Leonida, Greece, 15’, 2011
  • New London Calling, Alla Kovgan, USA, 10’, 2010
  • Master& Servant, Damianos Voganatsis, Greece, 10’ 40’’, 2011
  • Mini Workshop of Creative Movement, Christos Hassapis, Greece, 10’, 2011

View the screenings schedule in PDF format

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