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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Museum of Greek Children΄s Art,

Photo: http://www.childrensartmuseum.gr/
The Museum of Greek Children΄s Art, a nonprofit cultural Association, unique in its kind in Greece and one of the very few worldwide, was founded in 1994 by the Association of its Friends.
Aims of the M.G.C.A.   Presenting, preserving and promoting Childrens Art.
  •  Developing children΄s aesthetics and childrens creativity.
  •  Cultivating children΄s contact with and love for all forms of art.
  •  Establishing the launching of an annual Nationwide Children΄s Art Contest.  
 Hosting temporary exhibitions of Children΄s Art.
 Exchanging exhibitions with other Museums, Art Workshops and relevant Institutions in Greece and abroad. 
The Museum exhibits in its premises paintings and three dimentional artworks by children up to 14 years old from all over Greece, which are renewed on a regular basis.

The M.G.C.A. is run by a Board of seven Members elected every three years by the general Assembly.

Board of Directors March 2008 - 20011
President: Aikaterini Polymerou-Kamilaki, Director, Academy of Athens Hellenic Folklore Research Centre
Vice President: Iris Criticou, Art Historian - Educator
Secretary General: Helen Fay Stamati
Deputy Secretary General: Ioanna Moshovakou, Social Worker-Educator, Director, Bank of Greece Pre-School Centre
Cashier: Maro Pantazi, Bachelor, Business Administration
Member: Louisa Karapidaki, Museologist
Member: Katy Angelopoulou, Educator
Honorary President: Aikaterini Koumarianou, Historian
Director: Eva Stamati
Advisory Committee
Panayiotis Tetsis, Painter, Member of the Academy of Athens
Alki Zei, Author
Beatrice Begert-Dimitriadou, Psychologist
Lambros Liavas, Musicologist, Asst. Professor Athens University

Main Staff
Head of the Educational Department:Yiota Kalliakmani, Painter - Educator
Members of the Educational Department:
Theano Kottaridou, Art Historian-Museologist-Curator
Fotini Kapi, Studies in Philosophy, Paedagogy and Psychology                    
Athanassia Sklirou,Trained on Creative activities for children

Dimitra Boviatsi
Part-time staff:
Marina Stellatou, Painter
Christina Tsinisizeli, Artist
Art Director in charge of publications:
Eva Stamati, Graphic Designer

In charge of Exhibitions:
Yiota Kalliakmani, Painter - Educator
Iris Criticou, Art Historian - Educator
Theano Kottaridi, Art Historian-Museologist
Louisa Karapidaki, Museologist

9 Kodrou Street, extension of Voulis Street, Plaka,
105 58 Athens, Greece
Tel:  (++30) 210 33.12.621 and (++30) 210 33.12.750
Fax: (++30) 210 33.13.734
Website: http://www.childrensartmuseum.gr/
e-mail: contact@childrensartmuseum.gr

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