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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Who is afraid of the Walls? Athina Ioannou

Photo: www.benaki.gr
The work of Athina Ioannou is related specifically to selected spaces which guide her. For each of her works she follows a certain process during which she researches and observes the given space.
At the Museum of Islamic Art, an annex to the Benaki Museum, the artist has decided to work in the basement area of the building where a section of the ancient walls of the city of Athens exists from the 4th century B.C.

Her work deals with the way that a contemporary artist confronts history, “silence” and emotion, underlining her relation with the historic space by using simple and subtle undertones.
Exhibition Curator: Maria Marangou, art critic.
A publication will accompany the exhibition with texts by Maria Marangou and Jackie-Ruth Meyer, Director of the Centre d'Art le Lait (Albie, France).

21/06/2012 - 16/09/2012

Benaki Museum
Benaki Museum

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