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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Quality and organic product promotion conference Natura Food Fair, Łódź, Poland 13 October 2012

The conference is a forum for organic producers, traders, companies, producers associations and other experts to discuss the development of the organic food sector and market in Central and Eastern European countries. Specifically, how to improve European guidelines for pesticide residues, environmental performance of organic food processors and traders, organic capacity building will be the focus of the conference.
The ongoing debate on pesticide residues in Europe regards the creation of a monitoring system and European guidelines for handling pesticide residues in organic farming. The current situation will be presented and the possibilities for improving the pesticide residue monitoring system will be discussed.
The organic processors within the IFOAM EU Group have developed an initial approach to the inclusion of environmental performance of organic food processors and traders in EU regulations.
The concept itself and approaches for the smallest companies who might not be able to bear the administrative burden of the new regulations are being developed. This conference presents a forum to take a closer look at the challenges faced by the developing organic sector in Central and Eastern Europe.
Polska Ekologia, the Polish organic food producers association, will present its experience on the promotion and market development of organic food.
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss approaches to the promotion of organic food among consumers and market development in Central and Eastern Europe.
The conference will end with a workshop on cooperation and capacity building in Central and Eastern Europe. Participants will discuss needs and opportunities for stronger international cooperation and for building capacities of national organic sectors.
Increasing international involvement of the organic sector within and beyond the IFOAM EU Group as well as better representation of organic sector towards the EU institutions will be discussed. Ideas for common projects will be developed.

Quality and organic product promotion conference
Natura Food Fair, Łódź, Poland
13 October 2012, 10:00 - 14:00

Conference programme
10.00 -10.15 - Conference opening by IFOAM EU Group and Association Polska Ekologia
10.15 -10.30 - Future regulatory developments – the environmental performance of organic processing and trade - Andrzej Szeremeta, IFOAM EU Group
10:30 -11:00 - Discussion
11.00 -11.15 - Monitoring pesticide residues in conventional and organic products - Artur Miszczak, Institute of Horticulture
11:15 -11:45 - Discussion
11.45 -12.00 - Coffee break
12.00 -12:15 - Development of the market and promotion of organic products - Artur Tymiński, Association Polska Ekologia
12:15 -12:30 - Discussion
12.30 -14.00 - Cooperation and capacity building in Central and Eastern Europe - IFOAM EU Group workshop

Conference and registration website: www.ifoam-eu.org/events/NaturaFood/2012/
Natura Food fair website: www.mtl.lodz.pl/en/fairs/223-5th-natural-food-fair/info/

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