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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Words and Coins: From Ancient Greece to Byzantium

Photo: www.benaki.gr
Les mots et les monnaies, de la Grèce ancienne à Byzance
The exhibition is enriched with material from the KIKPE Numismatic Collection (on loan to the Benaki Museum).
The main goal of the exhibition is to correlate and showcase stories and messages through texts and coins. These are examined in an interactive and intertwined understanding of the role of each medium; both written and numismatic material formed means of communication in the societies of the past: words articulating formulation of equivalent concepts, coins materializing assessment of equivalent goods. Both words and coins are exchanged, the former enhancing the intellectual abilities of human mind, the latter facilitating the economic activities of human ingenuity. Moreover, coins can be employed to illustrate a written narrative regardless the time frame in which it was produced. From hand to hand, coins, manuscripts and books are valuable vehicles that carry and preserve memory through the ages.
Duration24/11/2012 - 17/03/2013
Martin Bodmer Foundation
OrganizationMartin Bodmer Foundation in collaboration with the Benaki Museum


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