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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kyriakos Katzourakis. Works 1963-2013 : Painting, Theater, Cinematography

photo: www.benaki.gr
This retrospective tribute to Kyriakos Katzourakis covers 50 years of creative work, from 1963 to the present day, and aims to shed light on all aspects of the artist’s creative oeuvre, as well as on his efforts to highlight the links between painting and other arts.
The exhibition includes mainly large-scale oils, drawings, models of stage-set designs; while a specially designed area will be used to show excerpts of his films. A significant place will be taken up by Katzourakis’s monumental piece “Altarpiece – House of Guilt” (1991-1994), where painting, theatre, film and music all coexist, and which acts as a witness to the artist’s links to the past and to history.
All the pieces are from private collections in Greece and abroad.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anna Wich: An Athenian

photo: www.benaki.gr
 Anna Wich (1949-1998) was a German photographer, who, shortly following the fall of the Greek junta and the restoration of democracy, chose to live and work in Athens. She chose to shed light on disdained aspects of the country, far removed from the postcard picturesque: everyday urban reality; places and the people that inhabited them; an old olive grove that had mutated into a slum neighbourhood; stray cats…