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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Anna Wich: An Athenian

photo: www.benaki.gr
 Anna Wich (1949-1998) was a German photographer, who, shortly following the fall of the Greek junta and the restoration of democracy, chose to live and work in Athens. She chose to shed light on disdained aspects of the country, far removed from the postcard picturesque: everyday urban reality; places and the people that inhabited them; an old olive grove that had mutated into a slum neighbourhood; stray cats…
But Wich also chose to focus on the real relationship the new Greece has with antiquity as well as the magic of the sea. Anna Vich’s creative identity, however, is also occasion for delving into a deeper sense of inquiry. An examination of the identity of a German woman born after WWII, who, imbued by the spirit of a Europe of anti-conformity, chose to live in Greece. On the day the exhibition opens the documentary “Anna Wich – Photographer” will be shown and its director Stavros Kaplanidis will be present. There will be an introduction by Elias Kanellis. 
17/04/2013 - 22/05/2013 (Opening: 17/04/2013, 20:00)

Goethe Institut

Goethe Institut in collaboration with the Benaki Museum Photographic Archives

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