What is organic farming?
Put simply, organic farming is an agricultural system that seeks to provide you, the consumer, with fresh, tasty and authentic food while respecting natural life-cycle systems

Organic Products from Olympia

Products from the area of Ancient Olympia

From organic cultivations

Biotevma organic products eshop

Organic Honey Ktima Fouga

Wine Mprintziki Estate from organically cultivated vineyard

Organic olive oil

Producter: Famelos Timoleon

From the mountainous area of the temple of Epikourios Apollon

The Olive oil is from the Koroneiki variety and its no filtered

Organic potatoes from Ilia Prefecture

Producer : Konstantopoulos Theodoros

Extra virgin oil organic farming certificate and Biodynamic

Producer: Mercuri Hristina

Εξαιρετικής ποιότητας πιστοποιημένο βιολογικό (βιο-δυναμικής και ομοιο-δυναμικής γεωργίας) ελαιόλαδο από τον Ελαιώνα Μερκούρη. Με την προσωπική ενασχόληση, επίβλεψη και θετική ενέργεια της ιδιοκτήτριας.

Περιορισμένης ετήσιας παραγωγής.

Συσκευασία σε τενεκέ για ασφαλέστερη μεταφορά

Organic asparagus
Producer : Lampropoulou Athanasia
Ilia Prefecture

Biotevma organic products eshop